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ICDP Publications

Scientific Drilling Journal Semiannual journal published jointly by the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International (IODP-MI) with the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP).

ICDP Brochure

the thrill to drill - After more than a decade of International Continental Scientific Drilling: A prospect for the future (pdf-file, 4.1 MB, 2012)
Korean Flyer ICDP: Olympic of Geoscience
ICDP Textbook Continental Scientific Drilling - A Decade of Progress, and Challenges for the Future by Ulrich Harms, Christian Koeberl, and Mark Zoback (Eds. 2007)
ICDP Flyer ICDP Overview Flyer - The Thrill to Drill, March 2012 (pdf-file, 300 KB)
ICDP Overview Flyer - The Thrill to Drill, March 2012 (pdf-file, 56 MB)

ICDP Infrastructure Flyer, March 2012 (pdf-file, 300 KB)
ICDP Infrastructure Flyer, March 2012 (pdf-file, 49 MB)
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