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Rapid Response Drilling of Fault: Past, Present and Future



Rapid Response WS ReportThe geometry and mechanical properties of faults are catastrophically altered by earthquakes. The immediate aftermath of an earthquake generates transients as illustrated by afterslip and aftershocks. More precise studies of the temperature, seismic velocity and permeability on causative faults hint at a rich behavior that contains clues to the processes behind the cycle of healing and failure. Key issues that can only be addressed by rapid response include: the energetics of fault slip as reflected in fault friction and heat generation, time-dependent changes in fault zone hydraulic properties and architecture that may play a key role in stress state and conditions at failure, and time-dependent changes in seismic velocity that quantitatively reflect fault healing processes. To date, no measurement of any of these key features has been made immediately after a large earthquake at depth on a fault. Here we propose a workshop to directly address this critical lack of observations. The workshop will take place over three days in Santa Cruz, CA, USA. The agenda will include sessions on candidate borehole experiments and response scenarios. Four focus groups will assess the scientific, site, organizational and technical issues involved in rapid response drilling. The focus group reports will be submitted to Scientific Drilling. These reports can form the backbone of a full rapid response drilling proposal.






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Principal Investigators
  • Emily E. Brodsky, University of California at Santa Cruz, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Fastdrill
  • James Jiro Mori, Kyoto University, Earthquake Hazards Division
  • Kuofong Ma, National Central University of Taiwan, Department of Earth Sciences, Institute of Geophysics
  • Claude Jaupart, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, Dynamique des Fluides Géologiques
  • Demian M. Saffer, Pennsylvania State University, Department of Geosciences



Active Faults, Earthquakes, ICDP-2008/13, Rapid Drilling


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