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Members of the ICDP

ICDP was officially founded in February 1996 at a meeting at the German Embassy in Tokyo. The founding members were the United States (represented by the US National Science Foundation), China (represented by the Chinese Ministry for Land and Resources), and Germany (represented by the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology and by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft). The number of members has continually increased during the past years.

ICDP Members ...

ICDP has currently 25 members. These include 23 countries, the UNESCO and Schlumberger Services Inc. as a Cooperate Affiliate. The most recent new members are United Kingdom who joined in March 2012, and South Korea. Negotiations on membership are currently underway with e.g. Mexico and Russia. Further countries including Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Denmark have expressed their interest in joining the ICDP.

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