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ICDP Germany

The participation of German scientists from University and national research centres in the scientific program of ICDP is enabled in the framework of the German Priority Program ICDP (ICDP SPP 1006) of the DFG (German Research Foundation).

The DFG provides via proposal funding the organizational and financial base for the effective participation of German geoscientists in long-term international drilling programs. The German Funding Agency also grants proposals for pre-site studies at specific drilling sites, whose results have the potential to launch a new scientific drilling initiative.

The National Office of ICDP

The tasks of the national ICDP office is to initiate and coordinate research projects, to liaise with several hundreds of members and stakeholders of the priority program, and to cooperate with related geoscientific programs such as IODP. Future tasks are to help young researchers to participate and to initiate research projects, and also to augment the visibility of German research activities related to continental scientific drilling at international level.

In past and ongoing projects German scientific groups took and take part in about 80% of all ICDP initiatives and were or are involved with major commitments as PI's (Principal Investigator) in 20% of all ICDP ventures.