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Frequently Asked Questions regarding ICDP

Regarding ICDP in general

Q: What is the ICDP?
A: The International Continental Scientific Drilling Program, ICDP is a non-for-profit organisation to support international science teams with a proven need for land-based drilling

Q: How can I apply for ICDP support?
A: ICDP is a proposal-driven program. Scientists or science teams from ICDP member countries have the right to submit unsolicited proposals to the ICDP.

Q: How does ICDP support scientific drilling projects?
A: The ICDP provides funding for drilling operations and operational support through its Operational Support Group, OSG for approved drilling proposals.

Q: What operational support is offered by the OSG?
A: The OSG conducts downhole logging service, provides drill core scanning and logging equipment, data and project management, and offers different training courses.

Q: Does the ICDP provide funding for drilling-related research?
A: No. Funding for drilling-related research should be requested from national funding agencies and foundations.

Q: How does the ICDP fund drilling projects?
A: ICDP is usually one of several funding partners in an ICDP drilling project. The financial contribution of the ICDP to an ICDP-supported drilling project varies between about 5% to more than 70% of the total operational costs. Principle Investigators are requested to raise additional funds from national and international funding sources.

Q: Where does the money come from?
A: ICDP is financed through the annual contributions of its members. The membership fee for a country is based on economic and scientific power per capita and the comparability to ICSU membership fees.

Q: What happens with the annual membership fees?
A: For more than 90% for co-funding of approved ICDP drilling projects and for the execution of international workshops and the ICDP Training Courses. About 7% cover expenditures for the maintenance of the ICDP Equipment Pool and the ICDP Data Information System. Costs for ICDP board meetings are less than 2%.

Q: How is ICDP structurized?
A: Simple and flexible with only three panels that met once per year. The Assembly of Governors, AOG provides financial and scientific oversight, makes major policy decisions, reviews the acceptance of members, and authorizes the Executive Committee EC to manage the ICDP. Proposals are reviewed by the Science Advisory Group SAG, an independent body of internationally renowned experts in the research fields covered by ICDP projects.

Q: How is ICDP managed?
A: The ICDP is managed by the EC. The EC is made up of one appointee from each ICDP member. It has the responsibility to assemble the scientifically prioritized projects of the Science Advisory Group SAG into an annual Program Plan with an associated annual budget that constitutes the ICDP Program.


Regarding questions about proposals

Q: Who can apply?
A: ICDP membership is mandatory for PI's to submit a full proposal. A pre- or workshop proposal can also be submitted by PI's from countries considering ICDP membership.

Q: When can I submit a proposal?
A: Annual deadline for submission of any kind of proposal is January, 15

Q: What happens with my proposal after submission?
A: Proposals will be reviewed by the Science Advisory Group SAG, recommended by the Executive Committee EC and approved by the Assembly of Governors AOG.

Q: How does the SAG review process work?
A: The SAG carries out a thorough scientific evaluation of the individual competing proposals submitted to ICDP and to compile a priority list based on expected scientific merits. The recommendations of the SAG are the primary input to the EC as it develops projects for both annual and long-range programs.

Q: Where do I find instructions for proposal writing?
A: Here

Q: I need design help or cost estimates for drilling, downhole logging, or other services; who can provide support?
A: Check here for the right contact person

Q: With how many proposals will mine compete?

Q: What are the chances of my proposal?

Q: My proposal was not accepted - do I have another chance?

Q: Who can support me in proposal writing?

Q: How many Principal Investigators are permitted for my proposal?

Q: How do I arrange for commingled funding before or after ICDP project approval?


Regarding questions about projects

Q: What are ICDP sample and data policies?
A: Data and sample policies and regulations depending on PI's decision and can differ from project to project.

Q: Where can I find information about individual ICDP projects?

Q: How can I request samples or data from individual ICDP projects?