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The Swedish Deep Drilling Program

Sweden's present-day high standard of living is built to no small degree on Swedish bedrock. Many of the companies that have given Sweden its wealth began their operations in the mining industry in the 19th century. Swedish bedrock will store our nuclear waste in the centuries to come, perhaps allowing us to continue having an abundant supply of relatively inexpensive electricity. Knowledge of our bedrock comes mainly from surface observations, providing us with a 2D map of it's surface, at best. Boreholes, mines and geophysical investigations provide additional information in the important 3rd dimension. However, boreholes drilled for commercial reasons are often not optimally located for answering specific scientific or technical questions. To understand our bedrock, and to take advantage of its economic potential, we need to drill into it at critical locations.
SDDP was initiated by about 10 scientists in 2007.In early 2010, SDDP comprised seven projects in varying stages of development with international participation and large interest from the Nordic countries. SDDP obtained support from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet - VR) for a Swedish membership in the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) in 2008.

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