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The International Continental Scientific Drilling Program

Human activities, especially through utilization of resources of the Earth's crust are having significant impacts on the global environment. Furthermore, with the increasing global population and the increasing trend to urbanization, notably in coastal areas, there is also greatly increased risk to life and property from earthquake and volcanic activity as well as from other natural hazards and climate change. Knowledge of the composition, structure and evolution of the Earth's crust and of processes which continue to modify it, is, therefore, becoming increasingly important for the wise management of the Earth's resources and environment, consistent with the principles of sustainable development.

Key issues which can be addressed with this knowledge are:

  • The study of earthquakes and volcanoes and mitigation of their adverse effects.
  • The evaluation of the relative importance of anthropogenic versus natural forces in controlling climatic and environmental change.
  • The wise use of and exploration for energy, mineral and water resources.
  • The nature of critical interaction between the biosphere and the Earth's crust.
  • The nature of the changing parameters that control the evolution and extinction of species.

In the light of the societal importance of these issues, and the capability of scientific drilling to make a quantum leap in the scientific understanding, the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) is an essential component of responsible management strategies for the resources and environment of the dynamic Earth.