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The Organizational Structure of ICDP

The founding members of the ICDP have developed an organizational structure which is simple in its organization, flexible in its proposed procedures to meet individual project requirements, and inexpensive in its administration.

The overall objective of the program structure is to maintain autonomous drilling projects of any type, independently organized and managed in the form of a Joint Research Venture with national, bi-national or multi-national partners, connected through an ICDP funding contribution and committed to certain principles in scientific cooperation and exchange.

Structure of ICDP

The structure, shown in Figure above is designed to facilitate the carrying out of the following main functions:

  1. Oversight and determination of policy - by the Assembly of Governors (AOG).
  2. Program management and operation, including project prioritization and budget allocation - by the Executive Committee (EC) with its legal non-profit entity, the so-called Operational Support Group (OSG).
  3. Scientific assessment of project proposals submitted for ICDP participation- by the Science Advisory Group (SAG). 
  4. Project management - by teams in host countries under the leadership of Principal Investigators (PIs). 
  5. Project monitoring - by the Executive Committee, for reporting to the Assembly of Governors.