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A Bushveld Scientific Drilling Project  bushveld.icdp-online.org
Accelerating Neoproterozoic Research through Scientific Drilling  neoproterozoic.icdp-online.org
Acquiring high to ultra-high resolution geological records of past climate change by scientific drilling  high-resolution.icdp-online.org
Arctic Coring Expedition 2004  acex.icdp-online.org
Baikal Drilling Project  baikal.icdp-online.org
Barberton Scientific Drilling Projects (2 Projects)  barberton.icdp-online.org 
Blue Hole Drilling Project  bluehole.icdp-online.org
Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure Deep Drilling Project  chesapeake.icdp-online.org
Chicxulub Scientific Drilling Project  chicxulub.icdp-online.org
Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling Program  donghai.icdp-online.org
Climate evolution in Central Asia during the past few million years: A case study from Lake Issyk-Kul, Kyrgystan  issyk-kul.icdp-online.org
Collisional Orogeny in the Scandinavian Caledonides (COSC)  are-jarpen.icdp-online.org
Colorado Plateau Drilling Project  colorado.icdp-online.org
COREF - Continental Scientific Drilling Into Coral Reefs  coref.icdp-online.org
Dead Sea Basin Drilling Project  deadsea.icdp-online.org
Deep Drilling Project in the Forearc of the Hellenic Subduction Zone  crete.icdp-online.org
Deep Fault Drilling Project (DFDP)  alpine.icdp-online.org
Deep Geodynamic Laboratory - Gulf of Corinth  corinth.icdp-online.org
Deep Geothermal Drillings on Piton De La Fournaise Volcano  reunion.icdp-online.org
Deep Observatory at DUSEL in Lead  dusel.icdp-online.org
Drilling Active Faults in Northern Europe - DAFNE (formerly known as: Postglacial Fault Drilling Project (PFDP)  fennoscandia.icdp-online.org
Drilling along the Nankai Trough  nankai.icdp-online.org
Drilling at Campi Flegrei Caldera (Southern Italy)  campi-flegrei.icdp-online.org
Drilling Overdeepened Alpine Valleys (DOVE)  dove.icdp-online.org
Drilling The Eger Rift  eger.icdp-online.org
Drilling the North Anatolian Fault  nafz.icdp-online.org
Fennoscandia Arctic Russia - Drilling Early Earth Project  far-deep.icdp-online.org
German Continental Scientific Deep Drilling Program  ktb.icdp-online.org
Hawai'i Scientific Drilling Project  hawaii.icdp-online.org
Hominin Sites and Paleolakes Drilling Project   homininsitedrilling.icdp-online.org
Iceland Deep Drilling Project (IDDP)  iceland.icdp-online.org
International Drilling to Recover Aquifer Sands (IDRAs) and Arsenic Contaminated Groundwater in Asia  hanoi.icdp-online.org
Integration of Deep Biosphere Research into continental drilling campaigns  deep-biosphere.icdp-online.org
Japan Beyond-Brittle Project, JBBP - Scientific drilling to demonstrate the feasibility of engineered geothermal systems in ductile zones  ne-japan.icdp-online.org
Kola Superdeep Borehole (KSDB) - IGCP 408: „Rocks and Minerals at Great Depths and on the Surface“  kola.icdp-online.org
KTB Deep Crustal Laboratory of GFZ  ktbto.icdp-online.org
KTB Hydraulic Experiments  ktbhydraulic.icdp-online.org
Lake Bosumtwi Drilling Project  bosumtwi.icdp-online.org
Lake Chalco  chalco.icdp-online.org
Lake Challa  challa.icdp-online.org
Lake El'gygytgyn Drilling Project  elgygytgyn.icdp-online.org
Lake Junin Drilling Project  junin.icdp-online.org
Lake Malawi Drilling Project  malawi.icdp-online.org
Lake Peten-Itza Scientific Drilling Project  peten-itza.icdp-online.org
Lake Qinghai Drilling Project  qinghai.icdp-online.org
Lake Titicaca Drilling Project  titicaca.icdp-online.org
Lake Towuti Drilling Project  towuti.icdp-online.org
Lake Van Drilling Project  van.icdp-online.org
Long Valley Exploratory Well  longvalley.icdp-online.org
Mallik 2002 Gas Hydrate Research Well Program  mallik.icdp-online.org
Mochras Revisted:a new global standard for Early Jurassic Earth history  mochras.icdp-online.org
MOLE Drilling Project  mole.icdp-online.org
Mutnovsky Scientific Drilling Project  kamchatka.icdp-online.org
New Jersey Coastal Plain Drilling Project  newjersey.icdp-online.org
Oman Ophiolite Drilling Project  oman.icdp-online.org
Orava Deep Drilling Project  orava.icdp-online.org
Postglacial Fault Drilling Project (PFDP, see also: Drilling Active Faults in Northern Europe - DAFNE)  fennoscandia.icdp-online.org
Potrok Aike Sediment Archive Drilling Project  potrok.icdp-online.org
Rapid Response Drilling of Fault: Past, Present and Future  rapid.icdp-online.org
Reservoir Triggered Earthquakes at Koyna  koyna.icdp-online.org
Rock Coring Koolau Volcano  koolau.icdp-online.org
San Andreas Fault Zone Observatory at Depth  safod.icdp-online.org
Scientific Collaboration On Past Speciation Conditions in Ohrid (SCOPSCO)  ohrid.icdp-online.org
Scientific Drilling in the Sevier Desert Basin  sevier.icdp-online.org
Scientific Deep Drilling to Study Reservoir Triggered Earthquakes at Koyna, India  koyna.icdp-online.org
Seymour Island-Marambio Drilling Project (SIMDP)   seymour.icdp-online.org
Snake River Scientific Drilling Project (HOTSPOT)  snakeriver.icdp-online.org
Sudbury Deep Drilling Project  sudbury.icdp-online.org
Tahiti Sea-Level Expedition 2005  
Taiwan Chelungpu-fault Drilling Project  chelungpu.icdp-online.org
Tanzania Onshore Paleogene Integrated Coring (TOPIC)  tanzania.icdp-online.org
Terrestrial Scientific Drilling Project of the Cretaceous Songliao Basin  songliao.icdp-online.org
The Mjølnir Scientific Drilling Project  mjoelnir.icdp-online.org
The Outokumpu Deep Drilling Project  outokumpu.icdp-online.org
Unzen Scientific Drilling Project  unzen.icdp-online.org
Witwatersrand - Natural Earthquake Laboratory in South African Mines  witwaters.icdp-online.org

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Not all of these logos represent genuine ICDP projects; in some projects ICDP only contributed in some way, or there were other types of collaboration. Upcoming projects might not have an official logo yet (as of May, 2011).

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