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ICDP Training


The Basic Idea of ICDP Training

Drilling develops more and more to an important and powerful tool in the geosciences.  But unfortunately drilling will not be taught in the geoscientifical faculties of the universities world wide.

Therefore an important component of the ICDP is the capability to train Earth scientists, engineers, and technicians in drilling-related technologies. That includes courses about project management, drilling technique, borehole measurements and interpretation, data management, sample handling and fundamentals of on-site geosciences. The current basis of the ICDP training is a set of ten courses covering up all these themes:

First of all the idea of these courses is to teach fundamentals about drilling related techniques and methods, but just as important is to introduce the different languages and technical terms of scientists and drilling engineer to minimize communication problems, problems which may lead to very cost intensive deficient decisions at the drillsite.

The special themes and the appropriate levels of the courses can be suited for each ICDP project and its science team. Scientists of future projects with similar scientific and technical objectives are extra invited to participate in these courses.

The lessons are taught by a team of instructors who are specialists in their fields and who have an extensive practical industrial experience. Most of them were involved in the scientific drilling project KTB as well as in different ICDP projects world-wide. Specialists from the industry or scientific institutes will be engaged for special topics or individual courses if necessary.

The training program can be arranged at the GFZ-Potsdam or as in-house courses at any place in the world. The ICDP/OSG is interested to integrate a running drilling project in the program and to hold the courses near a drillsite in close cooperation with the particular principal investigators, responsible scientists and engineers. This should bridge the gap between the classroom and practical application in the field and make the training as realistic as possible for maximizing the training effect.

How to initiate an ICDP Training?

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