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Boards and Panels of the ICDP

The Assembly of Governors (AOG)

The AOG provides financial and scientific oversight, makes major policy decisions and reviews the acceptance of members. It is composed of one representative from each member country. Decisions of the AOG are made through a consensus process guided by the chairperson. The AOG holds annual meetings convened by the chair who has the authority to call special meetings should the need arise.
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The Executive Committee (EC)

The AOG authorizes the EC to manage the ICDP. The EC is made up of one appointee from each ICDP member. It has the responsibility to assemble the scientifically prioritized projects of the Science Advisory Group into an annual Program Plan with an associated annual budget that constitutes the ICDP Program.
The EC reports annually to the AOG on the past year's operational activities, ICDP budget and scientific accomplishments.
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The Science Advisory Group (SAG)

The SAG is an independent body of internationally renowned experts in the research fields covered by ICDP projects. It has the task of carrying out a thorough scientific evaluation of the individual competing proposals submitted to ICDP and to compile a priority list based on expected scientific merits. The recommendations of the SAG are the primary input to the EC as it develops projects for both annual and long-range programs.
Members of the SAG are nominated by the respective member organizations of the ICDP or selected by the EC in consultation with international organizations such as the International Lithosphere Program (ILP). SAG members are appointed for a period of 4 years normally. The SAG meets once a year, usually two to three months after the submission deadline for new proposals (January 15 each year). It can on an “as-needed” basis include additional scientific or technical input from outside if the respective expertise is not sufficiently available in the group. Such an expert group which is frequently asked for additional advice is the so-called “Lake Drilling Subgroup”. It represents paleoclimate experts who are nominated by PAGES in consultation with the Chairman of the SAG. This Lake Drilling Subgroup meets immediately prior to a SAG meeting and reports through its chairperson directly to the SAG. The Chairman of the SAG can, furthermore, if needed, request external experts to submit written reviews on specific scientific topics.
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