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Lake Baikal Drilling Projects

Baikal Drilling Project 1989 - 1999 CONTINENT: High-resolution CONTINENTal paleoclimate record in Lake Baikal 2001 - 2003

The Baikal Drilling Project was a multi-national effort (Russia, Japan, Germany, USA) to extract the record of global climate change and tectonic evolution of the Lake Baikal sedimentary basin in the Late Neogene. Historically, the Baikal Drilling Project began in 1989 as a joint Russian-American scientific venture (Williams, 1992; Kuzmin and Williams, 1993).

ICDP provided operational support for the core handling of the drilling expeditions in 1998 and 1999.

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CONTINENT was a research project supported by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme. The main objectives were:

  • Understanding the formation of climate proxies in Lake Baikal
  • A new approach to establish the age of sediments from Lake Baikal
  • Reconstructing climate conditions from the proxy record of Lake Baikal
  • Comparing the climate record of Lake Baikal the European climatic record
  • High-resolution core description and electronic data storage