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The Outokumpu Deep Drilling Project



 Outokumpu MapGTK with its research teams is responsible of the basic geological and petrophysical investigations of the core, geophysical logging results, fluid sampling and hydraulic testing. Further, we are involved in themes such as modelling the magnetic and gravity fields, and petrological investigations of the cores. The basic operations of the project included drilling the hole to 2.5 km depth with continuous coring, geophysical loggings using 20 different methods, as well as hydrogeological sampling and hydraulic permeability measurements.

The Outokumpu Deep Geolaboratory: Once the basic drilling, logging and sampling operations are over, the borehole will be left open and our aim to provide the borehole for national and international use as a deep laboratory facility for different short and long-period experiments to be carried out in the borehole. The site has been leased from the local municipality by GTK on a long-term basis, and follow-up projects, additional fluid sampling and monitoring projects can be planned to extend for several years after 2005. Basic facilities (warm hut, electricity, etc.) required by monitoring computers and other devices will be provided by GTK on the site.

(Figure ©:Geological Survey of Finland)



Europe, Finland, Eastern Finland, Svecofennian Orogeny, Outokumpu



62° 43' 4'' N, 29° 3' 43'' E (Please scroll down to end of page for more information.)


Project Start and End
  • Begin of drilling April 2004
  • End of drilling early 2005


Programs and Funding


Principal Investigators
  • Ilmo Tapio Kukkonen, University of Helsinki, Department of Physics


Partners and Contractors



Finland, ICDP-2005/07, Ophiolites, OUTOKUMPU, Precambrian, Saline Fluids, Thermal Regimes


Current State





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