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Location - San Andreas Fault Zone Observatory at Depth

Fig. 1: Location of the SAFOD Drilling Site (for a high resolution image please click the map)

The drill site is located on a segment of the San Andreas Fault approximately halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This segment of the San Andreas Fault moves through a combination of aseismic creep and repeating microearthquakes (most recent recurrence was October 20, 2003). It lies at the extreme northern end of the rupture zone of the 1966, Magnitude 6 Parkfield earthquake, the most recent in a series of events that have ruptured the fault five times since 1857. The Parkfield region is the most comprehensively instrumented section of a fault anywhere in the world, and has been the focus of intensive study for the past two decades.

The SAFOD wellhead is located at 

 Lat WGS84 Long WGS84 Elev (m) (MSL) Easting m, UTM NAD27Northing m, UTM NAD27
35.9742039  -120.5521414 660.5  720807.06     3983663.97

More info about the calculations of the wellhead location can be found in this document.

Follow this link for a measured depth to vertical deptha and geographic information converter