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Public Data - San Andreas Fault Zone Observatory at Depth

Cutting Sample CU04730.0 of SAFOD Main Hole

Sample Request Info

For information on obtaining SAFOD core, cuttings and other samples please go to the Earthscope Web site. All PI's currently involved in SAFOD should automatically receive email updates on timetables for requesting SAFOD samples from the EarthScope National Office. If you are not receiving this information or if you are not currently involved in SAFOD and wish to be, please see the Earthscope website or contact the NSF EarthScope Program Coordinator, Greg Anderson (greander@nsf.gov)

Summarizing Reports and Data Tables

Download Phase 3 Core Atlas V5
(PDF 16MB)
 contains photographs and preliminary lithologic descriptions of the Phase 3 cores, along with geophysical log data and borehole diagrams showing where these cores were acquired

Sites and Holes
     List of drilled sites and holes
Borehole Advance 
      Mud & Drilling Logs (MH Phase 3)
      Daily Drilling Reports (MH Phase 3)
      Daily Drilling Reports (PH & MH Phases 1&2)
      Daily Reports as Excel file (Main & Pilot Hole)
      Casing Scheme of Phase 2 
      Borehole Trajectory 
      (Main Hole: All Phases) (NEW)
Downhole Monitoring 
     USGS realtime seismograms
     Waveform data at NCEDC
     Seismic deployment metadata 
Borehole Measurements
     Download Logging Data (SAFOD-PH & MH)
Repeated Caliper Log Comparative data
Pinnacle tilt data 
Sample Descriptions 
      Cuttings and Mud Samples,
      Spot Cores, 
      Sidewall Cores and Miscellaneous Rock
      Magnetic Analyses of Cuttings,
      Sample distribution, Phases 1 and 2 only 
      (for Phase 3 core distribution and analyses go to 

Phase 3 Core Handling
      On-site core handling procedure
      Core processing fluid
Commercial Mud Logs
      of SAFOD-MH Phase 1
      (50' - 3721' and 3290' - 10010')
      of SAFOD-MH Phase 2
      (10030' - 13082')
Cores,Sections, and Boxes
      Report of core recovery from the SAFOD MH and high-resolution core photographs
      Report of core boxes from the SAFOD MH
Multi Sensor Core Logger Measurements,
Phase 3 Core
      raw data
      processed data (1. run)
      processed data (2. run)
Daily Web Info of SAFOD Main Hole
(2004, 2005 & 2007)

      Daily News
      Daily Data Packages
      Daily Reports as Excel file (Main & Pilot Hole)
Daily Web Info of SAFOD Pilot Hole

      Daily News
      Daily Data Packages